Power station

TORGAR Elevator in Power Station

Power plants are industrial facilities for the production of electricity. They are based on the transformation of chemical energy into thermal energy (combustion) and mechanical energy (turbine rotation) into electrical energy (in the generator).

They tend to have chimneys that reach heights of over 100 meters which implies the need to install a lift for easy access by staff in the higher areas.

Our experience in this sector as professionals we should rise to great heights for both people and materials.

In the photos above you can see some machines TORGAR the Medupi Power Station.

SALTEC has several of its TORGAR lifting machinery in the construction of the Medupi power station in South Africa. Specifically several Elevators for people and material T1, two of which are located in the two main chimneys reached 210 meters.

This plant is the fourth in the world by size and is expected to reach more than 4,000 people working inside.

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