Mast Climbing Work Platform PW-10

mast climber PW-10

Heavy-duty construction, to be used for the hardest working conditions.

The rack-and-pinion lifting system requires a minimum maintenance and it is safe, reliable and versatile.

Easy and safe assembling and dismantling. The tie-up to the building and mast sections can be made from the platform itself.

All TORGAR mast climbing work platforms are designed and manufactured complying with EN-1495 European Standards.


* Manufactured in hot dipped galvanized steel: great strength and long-life performance.

* Base frame with wheels and levelling spindles.

* Extensions all along the platform, to adapt the machine to the building's silhouette.

* Electronic control panel: isolated, reliable and versatile.

* Friendly-use, just moving a joystick.

* Planetary type gearmotor, motor with built-in electric brake.

* Overspeed emergency brake: installed on an independent pinion, stops the platform in case of abnormal speed during the descent.

* Automatic levelling system, in twin mast configuration.

* Lever to unlock the electric brake, for manual emergency descent.

* Rack and pinion constructed in module 6, obtaining the highest strength and reliability.

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